Costa Rica, a safe tourist destination to travel to in 2021

As the world begins to look forward to new beginnings and life as we knew it starts to take on a familiarity, the dreams of travel look more realistic. This is exciting, especially when we have Costa Rica as a safe tourism destination to travel to in 2021. Bring on the beautiful beaches, active volcanoes and rainforests in a country that leads in the management of COVID.

Costa Rica is one of those destinations that just seems to check the vacation boxes at the best of times. What makes this little country in the middle of the America’s even more idyllic, is that it also checks the additional boxes where safety precautions and hygiene practices have become game-changers. With its Safe Travels Stamp by the World Tourism and Travel Council, Costa Rica as a nation has adopted the best health and hygiene global standardized protocols which is a seal of approval for even the wariest traveler.

1. Roll out of vaccinations.
Costa Rica became one of the first countries to purchase, import, and start the vaccination of its population. On Christmas Eve of 2020, the first Costa Ricans received their initial round of vaccinations becoming the seventh country in the world to begin this critical process in curbing the cases and ensuring the health safety of the population, especially those in the high-risk groups and front-line workers who were given priority in the national roll-out.
Thanks to Costa Rica´s comprehensive and robust health system, vaccinations will be given to the population in the local health centers throughout the country. This guarantees that the vaccine will reach both rural and urban centers including Guanacaste where Papagayo Golden Palms is located.

2. Management of COVID.
Costa Rica was quick to adapt to the demands that the COVID-19 virus exposed, creating a national-wide strategy and closing borders as early as March 2020 to stagger the case rate. One of the sectors most affected was tourism, but fortunately since August 2020, when the borders were reopened, more and more travelers have picked Costa Rica to visit and experience its beaches, national parks, and world-renowned “Pura Vida” hospitality.
After a series of closures, lockdowns, and strict policies regarding physical distancing, use of face masks and heightened hygiene procedures, Costa Rica is now observing a significant reduction in cases and business is resuming back to normal levels in general terms.
Let’s not forget the response by the health system that was able to treat all the hospital-worthy cases, manage testing and follow up of cases. For a little country like Costa Rica, a phenomenal job has been done to juggle economic wellbeing with health safety.
Controls continue to be in place so during your visit to Costa Rica, you will be required to follow these hygiene and safety protocols. Papagayo Golden Palms has increased disinfection of all areas and included additional cleaning, physical distancing and use of personal protection equipment. It is important to guarantee a safe place for our guests and the team that strives to make your stay memorable.

3. Easy access to PCR Testing.
With local clinics, laboratories, and hospitals all over the country plus part of the robust health system that was implemented many years ago and remains a national treasure, there is a place to be PCR tested close to wherever you may be.
Many companies in the tourism industry have added the option to include this service in their portfolio as, presently, an increased number of countries require a negative test for entry. It also adds peace of mind if the need to test arises during your stay.
Papagayo Golden Palms and Selvatura Group have added the option to include this service for guests and clients so you can enjoy with a peace of mind of the beach and all the fantastic adventures they have to offer during your stay in beautiful Costa Rica.

4. Requirements to enter Costa Rica.
Costa Rica reopened its doors to the world in August last year, and more and more travelers have visited this amazing country since. Flights from Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, and Central America arrive daily at the Juan Santamaria International Airport in the Central Valley and Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia, Guanacaste bringing eager travelers to enjoy the diversity of possibilities awaiting.
It is now not necessary to present a PCR negative test to enter Costa Rica. What visitors do need to complete before entering the country is filling an online epidemiological questionnaire and purchase specific comprehensive travel insurance additional to a valid passport and visa if necessary.
For more information, go to the Costa Rica Tourism Board’s official web page for Entry Requirements COVID-19 which is updated regularly.
So, we can safely and happily say: Welcome to Costa Rica!

5. Costa Rica´s Health System: an example for the world.
Back in 1949, when Costa Rica went through a process of reinvention and the creation of a new constitution, in a visionary and bold move, the decision to abolish the army was made. Funding that once went to the military was redirected to education and health. Both these services are public and free in Costa Rica and seventy years later, these wise decisions continue to prove to be successful.
Costa Rica provides universal health care to all its citizens and permanent residents. Years of quality attention, the creation of a national network of health centers and highly qualified health professionals have made Costa Rica an example for the world. Life expectancy is above global averages and has proven to be an attractive destination for travelers seeking medical services during their visit.
The health system proved to be exceptional during the management of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was able to attend patients requiring hospital care and, as the pandemic is brought slowly but surely under control, with less and less cases on a daily basis, and the vaccinations on the rise, Costa Rica is seeing the rising sun shining even brighter.
Are you looking for a place to spend some well-deserved, relaxing vacations? Papagayo Golden Palms would love to show you the very best of Guanacaste, Costa Rica on the beautiful Panama Beach overlooking the Papagayo Gulf. It is just a click away. The essence of Costa Rica! See you soon.

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