Activate your senses for an unforgettable vacation!

When you stay at a beachfront hotel in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, you not only have the freedom of the beach, but you also open up endless possibilities for close-to-nature and tropical-life experiences.  Papagayo Golden Palms sits just a few steps away from the tranquil Playa Panama, it is surrounded by lush tropical gardens and forest, and is also close to a number of fantastic Costa Rican-style experiences that will activate your senses for an unforgettable vacation.

Travel is often as much about the resort as it is the destination. Where you stay is key to having a wonderful vacation, and should be a quiet sanctuary for relaxing after a day of fun.  Papagayo Golden Palms offers an unparalleled tropical experience providing bliss and adventure in equal measures, so you can unwind in total harmony with nature as Costa Rica does so well and also choose from endless activities to satisfy your inner adventurer.

The sea is calling

Thanks to its privileged location on the Gulf of Papagayo in Guanacaste, Hotel Papagayo Golden Palms is not far from a number of the best beaches in Costa Rica, many only reachable by boat.  These white and light-sanded beaches are waiting to be explored and offer hours of swimming and snorkeling in the gentle turquoise water. Beach hopping is a great way to experience the beauty of these Guanacaste beaches and chartering a boat is doubly so!

Playa Panama is a long stretch of clear sand, lined with waving palm trees, offering shade and the calm expanse of gulf waters of the most vivid blue-green palette, that sets the stage for some fun on the water.   Spend your days reveling in its beauty from either a catamaran cruise, a kayak or SUP, or your ocean-facing resort lounge chair.  It is a vision you will never tire off, and one you will remember always.

Beyond Papagayo and your beachfront hotel is a world of water adventure in the shape of great breaks and amazing fishing!  Dance on the waves as your board twists and turns to the rhythm of the tides at hotspot surfing spots in the company of experts. Whether you are a first-timer learning the tricks or a professional perfecting your moves, don´t miss the opportunity to say you surfed in Costa Rica, sensing the sea from a new perspective.

It isn’t about deciding to go fishing or not, the big question is whether you stay on-shore or go for an off-shore fishing experience.  Either way, fishing in Costa Rica and off the Guanacaste coast could well be the most memorable experience you have if you like to throw a line.  

Pool Time

Playa Panama runs alongside Papagayo Golden Palms meaning the gentle lull of the waves lapping on the shore can still reach the ear if you are lounging by the pool or walking around the stunning tropical gardens.    This intimate resort embodies the spirit of a serene tropical paradise.

When taking a break from the many ocean and inland experiences, there’s a chance to relax around the crystalline pool to refresh your mind and body.  Chill-out time at the resort pool shaded by the iconic palm trees can only be enhanced with a delicious classic or contemporary cocktail from the hotel bar to give you a total feeling and taste of a tropical beach vacation.

Exploring further afield

Papagayo Golden Palms works as a great base to explore further afield.  Choose from a range of activities and excursions to help shape your experience while in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The perfect choice for those looking for soft or hard adventure and relaxation due to the area´s plentiful natural attractions

Feel the rush of endorphins as you zipline through the forest canopy at exciting speeds, tube down a river enveloped by a canyon that runs down the slopes of the very awake Rincon de la Vieja Volcano.  A day of adventure will take your adrenaline to new levels while exploring nature from new perspectives. 

While a serenity-rich afternoon swim at the beach may seem very inviting after a day on the volcano, it also gifts us mud baths and natural hot springs to contrast the thrill of the ride.  Relax in the mountains before returning to the sea and your beachfront hotel.

Another way to push your comfort zone to new levels is behind the wheel of a 2-person buggy that will take you deep into the coastal forest along off-road trails, cross over rivers, through small rural townships, and even onto a deserted beach for a well-deserved swim. This is a thrilling ride through the very essence of Guanacaste country, capturing new experiences within the rawness of nature that contrast with the friendliness of the Costa Ricans. This is an adventure of big smiles where you get a real sense of the beauty of this country.

Contrast the blues of the beach with the greens of the mountains by visiting Costa Rica´s iconic Monteverde, where walking in the clouds is part of its mystique and beauty. A unique experience that can be combined with some adventure too. Selvatura Adventure Park is a spectacular nature reserve that throws some fun into the scenery, all within the cloud forest.  Fly through the canopy of the forest on a 13 cable zipline and walk over the 8 treetop suspension bridges, feel like you are walking on the clouds as they glide into the forest and embrace the trees.  This is a day of adventure immersed in the delicate art of utter enjoyment of nature.

Savor authentic

Papagayo Golden Palms offers a menu of tempting international favorites in a stylish beachside setting.  With an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients with organic, light, and healthy options along with dishes that reflect the fresh, exciting flavors of Costa Rican cooking.  Partake in the many exciting dining experiences that the quality team of creative chefs and cooks have designed. 

Costa Rican food places emphasize lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic elements.  Enthusiastic use of fresh herbs and spices guarantee a symphony of flavors that delight all the better while relaxing in the open-air restaurant overlooking the pool and the beach beyond while feeling the soothing sea breeze; One of the perks of an oceanfront hotel, and a leisurely dining experience in the company of your loved ones. An opportunity to savor the authentic flavors of Costa Rica and beyond.

Papagayo Golden Palms Hotel invites you to enjoy a journey of the senses. Whether you stay inside enjoying the generous indoor and outdoor living spaces, relaxing by the pool enveloped in the tropical garden setting, or treating yourself to a private massage to renew body and soul.  For the adventurers, choose the ocean or the mountains to feel Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and the sensorial experiences it evokes through the thrill of nature.  Book online for a beachfront hotel where your senses are activated for an unforgettable vacation! 

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